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Title Xperts provides a complete suite of services to many customers.

We work with real estate agents, investors, lenders, developers, and independent owners.


Attorney-owned and operated, Title Xperts can take every residential transaction from start to finish. We make sure that there is nothing that can affect your rights of ownership. Some titles carry debts and easements that can only be found when we look closely. Title Xperts will review your title search from the first issuance to the last, to find any issues and to ensure that every transaction has clear title.


Commercial properties can sometimes have more areas of concern than a residential property. The stakes are much higher. We know to look for encumbrances that are often hidden and can sometimes affect the entire value of the property. Title Xperts looks for any encumbrance no matter how obscure, from financing debts to contractor’s liens. These liens can sometimes be very old or even very small, but each can grow to a massive mess if the lender or contractor shows up looking for payment plus interest.


We make sure that your commercial property title is 100% free and clear. Then we put our money where our title is. We insure the title to show our assurance that we’ve done the right thing.


Never loan against a property without doing a complete title search first. Whether it’s a first lien, a construction loan, an equity mortgage loan, or any other loan against real property, making certain that you know your place in the pecking order should the debtor default is imperative.


Using advanced technology and a lot of experience, we know what to look for and can make sure that no stone is left unturned. More than that, we deliver speed, accuracy, and courtesy with every title insurance policy. 


As a professional lender, it difficult to change vendors, but sometimes a change will get you better service and even save you money. Let Title Xperts help you make the loan process faster, easier, and more assured.


Development projects can get complex, as they can involve interim disbursements, multiple construction loans, and much more. We don’t have any problem with complexity or watching the title as the project proceeds. 


Our services are great for new construction and renovation loans. Whether it’s a single home, an entire subdivision, or a high-rise in downtown, we can make sure that every step of the process is properly recorded in the title stream.


Pre-construction services can include finding the right plot of land, verifying that the title is clear, and helping to smooth the path for a construction loan.


One important point to remember is that we’re not just experts at title insurance. We’re a firm owned and operated by attorneys, guaranteeing that every step of the process is in accordance with the complex laws that govern commercial transactions and properties.


Title Xperts can take some risk out of property investments. The one part of any investment you need to be assured of is that there’s not a lien against a title that will cause the loss of your investment.


The team at Title Xperts will review the title of every property you’re investing in to guarantee it’s clear of encumbrances. We can help with more than just the title search; we also help with the title transfer and, of course, insurance. 


We check everything from errors to forgeries. The larger and more high-profile the project, the more likely that someone will try to encumber the property to steal money.


Keep your investment safe with a team that is more than title experts; we’re led by an attorney who can help with legal advice.


No property sale is as time sensitive as a short sale or a property facing foreclosure. These transactions requires a complete and fully insured title search in a matter of days. By leveraging our state-of-the-art technology, we’re able to move the search quickly and deliver a clear title and title insurance.


We understand the foreclosure process and can help and advise all parties on the best way to execute a sale. Our team has been a party to hundreds of bank-owned and REO transactions.


When a “defect” or issue is found on a title, we know how to fix it. Anything ranging from a lost heir to an old mortgage can cloud a title. The experienced staff at Title Xperts can help to cure the title defects and make sure that everything we find is “cured”, delivering you title that is completely safe and unencumbered.

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